With more than 50 years of combined experience as holistic health practitioners and educators, Jonathan and Katherine bring their passion to fruition through their work at the Healing Essence Center in Concord, Massachusetts.

Jonathan is a holistic practitioner and educator in the fields of acupuncture, Ayurveda, JivAtma Energy Healing, hypnotherapy, herbal therapies, nutritional and lifestyle counseling, and the

Total Life Cleanse.

Katherine is a gifted psychic medium, and energy healer. In her private practice she specializes in spirit communication, psychic intuitive readings, and Reconnective Healing. She uses several modalities in her intuitive counseling practice including Brennan Healing Science energy healing, hypnotherapy, past life regression, mediumship, and chakra clearing. Katherine also teaches psychic intuitive development to both adults and children along with practices and concepts related to the human energy field. Contact Katherine directly at her website KatherineGlass.com


28Day Spring Total Life Cleanse

Spring Total Life Cleanse (TLC) begins!

Spring is the ideal time for cleansing because the Liver loves to cleanse in the spring. The transition from the heavier, colder qualities of winter to the lighter, warmer qualities of spring allows for this to occur. Supporting the liver's function through dietary changes, herbal supplements, and specific TLC cleansing protocols can enhance its ability to eliminate toxins, improve digestion, boost energy levels, improve mood and promote overall well-being.

Start Date:

Wednesday May 8th, 7PM Eastern Time +3 Consecutive Wednesdays


Live and On Zoom

JivAtma Energy Healing Class

JivAtma Energy Healing is a powerful and elegant form of energy healing based on the principles of Ayurveda and yoga. Bringing harmony to the elements within, JivAtma Energy Healing enhances connection with our pure soul essence, or JivAtma. Yoga and Ayurveda acknowledge that disconnection from our soul essence is a significant cause of imbalance, distress, and disease. Jonathan Glass ND, Ayurvedic Practitioner teaches a process that restores profound balance (sattva) within so that your essence can be more fully experienced and expressed, leading to greater health, reduced anxiety, less pain and so much more.

Our Focus:

Teach everything about JivAtma Energy Healing to be sure you are proficient in the practice and profoundly transform personally and as a practitioner.

This is an extremely comprehensive learning and experiential program!

What You Will Receive :

You will receive Certifications in Level 1 and Level 2 JivAtma Energy Healing

Start Date:

April 25th, 2024

Muscle Response Testing Class

“Knowing what’s best for you does make all the difference. I may not know, you may not know, but your body knows!”

-Dr. Jonathan Glass

MANY of my clients and colleagues often express the
desire to learn how or expand their capacity to utilize muscle testing in their practices or in their lives. I am excited to offer my Muscle Response Testing class once again!

WHO is this class for?

· Holistic health practitioners (nutritionists, chiropractors, bodyworkers, acupuncturists, therapists, energy healers).

· Anyone wanting greater clarity regarding nutritional, dietary, lifestyle and health related decisions for themselves and loved ones.

· Those wanting to better identify emotional stressors.

· Anyone wanting to learn ways to validate and support intuition.


April 6th and April 13th , 2024

Total Life Cleanse: The Book

Integrating the ancient wisdom of yoga, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine with naturopathic principles and contemporary nutritional science, Jonathan Glass, M.Ac., C.A.T., presents a practical 28-day program, divided into four cycles, designed to initiate and maximize detoxification of your body, mind, and spirit from the harmful effects of the modern lifestyle.

With a great passion for health, healing, the evolution of the soul,
and a dedication toward education and personal empowerment, we welcome you to the Healing Essence Center.

—Jonathan and Katherine Glass, Founders

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