Based on natural laws discovered by rishis, or seers of the truth. Ayurveda, or the knowledge of life, emphasizes individualized dietary, herbal and lifestyle practices based on one's constitution or body type. An ancient system of medicine going back over 7000 years, Ayurveda also includes constitutional diagnosis, massage, acupuncture, and individualized cleansing and rejuvenation program.

Prana Karma (PK) is the most distinctive and effective therapeutic modality in Suddha Yoga & Ayurveda, correcting and enhancing the flow of prana or chi (life force) throughout one’s being. It works on all levels unitively to help restore balances through the innately intelligent workings of source energy itself.

Prana Karma:

-dissolves blocks

-increases resilency

-optimizes function

-promotes rapid healing

Prana Karma is the root of various modern energetic healing practices, such as Reiki, Pranic Healing, Polarity Therapy, and others – some of which are closer, some farther removed from their font. Fully respecting all individuals who practice these recent modalities, I invite you to experience the source.

Prana Karma is a hands-on healing modality based in meditation and mantra. Touch is minimal, and it is just as effective long-distance as in person.

Excellent for relieving such conditions as:

Those wishing to develop a personalized dietary, herbal, exercise, yoga and meditation program; improving vitality, enhancing digestion, strengthening immunity, expanding awareness, decreasing toxicity.