Nutritional Counseling

& Functional Testing

Nutritional Counseling and Functional Testing is used to detect the cause and early stages of imbalance. Using several different techniques and modalities, the intention is to facilitate effective nutritional, dietary and lifestyle recommendations unique to your particular health profile.

Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) and Health Scan Technique

Advanced muscle response testing determines: organ, gland, specific stressors and health status. Specific nutritional and dietary recommendations are given. Takes the guess work out of nutritional therapy.

Cranio Biotic Technique (CBT)

Identifies and clears food allergies, immune challenges, toxicities, and reduces the need for supplementation.

Bio-Terrain, Metabolic, Cholesterol, and Bone Loss Testing

An in-office laboratory series of exams which tests the body’s inner ecology and Bio-Terrain. Done through the analysis of saliva, urine, and blood. Testing provides objective evaluations of bio-chemical, metabolic, and nutritional status.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Accurately tests 96 common food sensitivities from a simple drop of blood.

Salivary Hormone Testing

Reveals all major hormone levels. Can be used for bio-identical hormone therapy.

Hair Analysis Testing

Tests for mineral imbalances and deficiencies. Identifies metabolic type, and state of adrenals, thyroid, para-thyroid and pancreas. Tests for heavy metal toxicity, such as lead, mercury, aluminum, and cadmium.