Jiv Atma Healing Energy Classes 2023

LEVEL 1 Classes – $499.50

LEVEL 2 Classes – $499.50

Level 1 & Level 2 Classes Combined- $999 $900
(Payment arrangements available, contact Jonathan directly)

“Presence is the foundation of healing.”


LEVEL 1 Classes

Thursday April 20th 7-9pm (zoom)Sunday April 23rd 12-5pm (on site)Thursday April 27th 7-9pm (zoom)Sunday May 21st 12 -5pm (on site)

LEVEL 2 Classes

Thursday May 11th 7-9pm (zoom)Saturday May 13th 12-5pm (on site)Thursday May 18th 7-9pm (zoom)Saturday May 20th 12-5pm (on site)


Healing Essence Center

What is JivAtma Energy Healing?

JivAtma Energy Healing is a powerful and elegant form of energy healing based on the principles of Ayurveda and sankhya yoga. Bringing harmony to the elements within, JivAtma Energy Healing enhances connection with our pure soul essence, or JivAtma. Yoga and Ayurveda acknowledge that disconnection from our soul essence is a significant cause of imbalance, distress, and disease. A profound flow of healing, contentment and elevated awareness often occurs along with emotional/stress release, greater comfort in the body, less pain, and mental balance. As both receiving and giving JivAtma Energy Healing encourages the integration of body, mind and soul, it’s a powerful practice for personal and spiritual growth.

Learn its essential principles and how it can enhance your practice and your life!

JivAtma Energy Healing is based on the principles of Ayurveda and Yoga and developed by myself, Jonathan Glass, ND, Master Acupuncturist Yogi, and Ayurvedic Practitioner.

✔️ JivAtma Energy Healing nourishes and directs healing, harmony and balance to the elements within (physical and mental/emotional). It heightens the experience and awareness of the presence, awareness and bliss of our soul essence, or JivAtma.

✔️ JivAtma Energy Healing uses a fluid step by step process which balances the elements within, utilizing “sattvic” or pure-natural energy.

Seven years ago…

I began receiving information, while working with patients, on how to consciously tune into the elements, organs and tissues through the Ayurvedic lens of the body, mind and spirit. Powerful healing, balance and states of consciousness began to regularly occur. I realized I was onto something real, effective, and beautiful. As time passed, more was received regarding the process itself. Eventually, JivAtma Energy Healing, a comprehensive, simple, yet profound energy healing process emerged.

Since then I have taught over 100 students at our Healing Essence Center, Kripalu Yoga and Healing Center and virtually on Zoom.

Who Would Benefit from learning JivAtma Energy Healing?

Naturally oriented health practitioners

such as: energy healers, massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, yoga teachers, ayurvedic practitioners etc.Anyone

wanting to learn energy healing and/or ayurveda for themselves and/or to practice on others.


Thank you, Jonathan, for the JivAtma energy healing session. I felt super positive and a bit giggly afterward–just what I needed–and now I feel more connected and grounded than I have in a very long time!

-Kathleen C.

I am just now recovering from Covid-19 and I live in Sweden. During the JivAtma energy session with Jonathan I felt waves of heat flow through my body. The healing really took care of my final shortness of breath issues. I feel so joyful and energized! So grateful for you!

-Monica H.

I almost would not have believed it until I experienced it but it really was incredible and both the conversation and the energy work were exactly what I needed.

-Chris M