Massage with Brianne

The essence of my work is nurturing. If you wish to alleviate stress, ease anxiety, and feel a greater sense of calm and vitality, I can help. If you have specific areas of concern, I will address these in a way that is both relaxing and focused.

Thirty-eight years

Thirty-eight years ago I graduated from the Atlanta School of Massage. Massage was not at all popular back then like it is today: I saw opportunity everywhere, and pioneered exciting work environments while meeting amazing people from all walks of life including people in the music, theater and film industries. I’ve received A LOT of massage throughout my career, which, along with my studies, has informed my work. I hope that my experience and passion for massage will be just what you are looking for to support you in your wellbeing.

Client Feedback

“Brianne makes each and every massage unique and has a loving, thoughtful, innate sense as to what a body needs.

Her massage reflects her caring nature combined with her wonderful technical, deeply soothing technique.” – Susan S.

“Brianne’s key differentiator is her intuition towards people, not only their bodies, but, and perhaps more importantly, their spirit.” – Diane T.“

I’m a bass player, and I’ve been touring for over a quarter century. To stay healthy and survive road life I have have worked with many different massage therapists, and have developed a sense of what makes a great one. In my opinion, Brianne is just about the best I’ve ever worked with, and a big part of this is her uncanny sensitivity. Like music, massage is a form of communication, and it requires someone like Brianne to have a great conversation.” –Confidential

I’m delighted to join Healing Essence, and look forward to meeting you!

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Brianne Krupsaw, LMT, CPC



One Hour: $110

75 Minutes:$135

90 Minutes:$160