Why Cleanse in the Spring?

Our extended Early-Bird registration for the Spring Total Life Cleanse ends tomorrow, April 1st.

Why Cleanse? 

During the spring, as the soil thaws and the seeds begin to sprout, we too thaw from the cold and dry of winter. The dampness that comes with spring tends to cause allergy symptoms, heaviness, stiffness, irritability, stress in the liver and accumulation of toxins.

Unless we cleanse!

Included in the program will be:

  • 5 very high quality herbal, super food supplements;
  • 4 Classes – attend in-person or at a distance;
  • Notebook and recipes;
  • Email support throughout entire cleanse;
  • One session with Jonathan Glass L.Ac (acupuncture, nutritional consultation allergy testing, energy healing and more;)
  • Audio recordings of all classes;
  • A wonderful group of like minded friends!

We begin on Tuesday, April 29th.

All classes will be recorded, so you can join us for the BEST Cleanse of the year from wherever you are. We hope you do!

Click here for more details & register by tomorrow, April 1st to receive a 15% discount (nearly $60 savings.)

Product of the Week

We have decided to continue offering Clear TRSTM as Product of the Week as it is one of the most important health products I have come across in many years.

Clear TRSTM is a water soluble form of zeolite and vitamin C that actually crosses the blood brain barrier.

It effectively removes toxins, especially heavy metals, from all tissues of the body, INCLUDING the brain.

By helping cells to utilize nutrients more effectively, balance the pH and boost the immune system, Clear TRSTM renews the healthy, more vibrant YOU.

Click here to read more about Clear TRSTM  and to order. Use coupon code: VIBRANT to save 10% on your order, through April 6th!

You can also find this product in the Mood, Sleep & Pain or Cleanse & Weight Loss sections of our online shop.

Watch our short but important and informative PRODUCT OF THE WEEK VIDEO all about Clear TRSTM, below:

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