What are you passionate about? What is your dharma?

Greetings all,

Many of you are aware of the demonstrations and marches that are taking place across the country. My son Robin and I, along with a few friends, went to one recently, the Women’s March in Boston.

We had a great time. It was an inspiration to witness so many people coming together, passionate about improving the quality of life for themselves and others.

While there were many great speeches, I felt more aligned with some messages than others.

There was one take-home point that I really appreciated. It was the suggestion that we support (by time, money, actions) a purpose or idea we personally feel passionate about. Once we identify that purpose or idea, it was suggested that we can bridge out and connect to other groups that have synergistic intentions.

That particular speaker (I honestly don’t remember her name) acknowledged that there are so many groups that could use our help, which by itself, can be overwhelming when deciding which areas we want to participate in. The solution? Go with what matters to you most. Go with the issues you feel strongest about. Support those purposes that resonate with you personally.

I liked the message of this speaker. It was not a request to support her particular mission or any others. Instead, it was a call to be yourself and serve in a way that feels natural to your unique gifts, talents, and abilities.

This reminds me of the Sanskrit word dharma. Dharma is often translated as our life purpose, which it is. But dharma is deeper than that. Dharma is our inherent nature, our essence and our soul purpose. It is the quality in someone or something that always exists. For example, the dharma of fire is heat. The dharma of water is liquidity.

It is said that in order to be happy and free, we must live and act to the best of our ability, according to our dharma.

In Healing Essence, The Total Life Cleanse, I go quite deeply into the subject of dharma, how to connect with our personal dharma, and how to live according to it.

Real cleansing is not just about physical health, but about cleansing obstructions to being our best selves on every level. This is what the Total Life Cleanse (TLC) is really about. Our Winter TLC begins March 8, 2017. Come join us for conversations and practices about dharma, and so much more.

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