Total Life Cleanse Testimonials


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A 28-Day Program to Detoxify and Nourish the
Body, Mind, and Soul

A powerful Ayurvedically based, group-supported, diet and lifestyle program, which has been taught to thousands of students since 1996.

“The results far exceeded my expectations and have had a transformational effect on me. I feel more vibrant and healthy than when I was 21.” —Stephanie Hessler

Total Life Cleanse Testimonials | Stephanie HesslerI've participated in two of Jonathan's Total Life Cleanse programs at the Healing Essence Center. Both programs were based on Jonathan's profound knowledge of Ayurvedic principles and practices, and other areas of knowledge. The results far exceeded my expectations and have had a transformational effect on me. I feel more vibrant and healthy than when I was 21.

Meeting weekly with Jonathan and other participants provided important support, in addition to the supplements, recipes and practices offered at the onset of each program. Jonathan is passionate about health and well-being at the spiritual, emotional and physical levels, and generously shares his knowledge.

I highly recommend Jonathan and the program to anyone looking to optimize their well-being.

Stephanie Hessler
CEO & Creative Director Stephanie Hessler Enterprises

“It was such an illuminating experience with a lot of knowledge to absorb. The class was wonderful and personally hit a deep seed in my being. Thank you so much!”

—Pramada, Holistic Health Coach

“I am 64 years young and I've been working consciously on weight reduction with a goal to stop ALL medications for good health and cost reduction.” — Kathy Bowen, Educator

Total Life Cleanse Testimonials | Kathy BowenI have worked with Jonathan Glass as an acupuncturist and energy healer for many years and developed a trust in his guidance. I am 64 years young and I have been working consciously on weight reduction with a goal to stop ALL medications for good health and cost reduction.

I have reached that goal! I am on a very low dose of blood pressure meds because of a family history and will be reducing and eliminating thyroid meds soon. So, no more statins, prilosect, Restasis AND more funds to support healthy eating and exercising programs.

Kathy Bowen Educator

“An impeccably trained healer in many modalities, Jonathan provides an opportunity for advanced healing to take place.”

—Carol Berdrosian, Whole Earth Times

“Before the Total Life Cleanse my blood pressure was 130 / 94; now I am at 112 / 74!! Thank you for the gift of this awesome program.”  MW, Construction Supervisor

“The Total Life Cleanse is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.” J.W.

“Since taking TLC, my cholesterol dropped from a 227 to 198, and my LDL dropped from 140 to 129. If this wasn’t enough, my chronic eczema cleared up and has not recurred in over a year.” Suzie R.

“Thank you for such a gentle and supportive way to take back control of my life in these stressful times.” Jimmy O.

“I shared cleanse information with my eighty-one-year-old mother, whose physician had tried everything for her constipation. She’s doing so well now she says she can work an entire day without a nap and her bowels are as regular as clockwork.” — Jinni J.

“This cleanse has reached me at my core.” Ananga D.

“I am calmer, weigh less, my skin is clearer, my digestion is much improved, and I have a better outlook on life since taking the TLC.” C.T.

“I was amazed at the depth and breadth of the information provided.” M.T., Biologist

“Alcohol and sugar have totally lost their appeal to me since taking the Cleanse. I am calmer and less distressed about food in general.” — Name withheld

“Your program taught me the skills to care for myself in a world of confusing messages.” K.J., Artist

“The cleanse has changed my relationship to food in a way I never thought was possible.” S.M., Corporate Executive

“After taking this course I am excited about life again.” J.M., Real Estate Broker

“It was amazing to have my twenty years of study and practice so validated and condensed into such a well arranged and comprehensive system… and to have learned so much more in addition. The instructors were well read, personable, inspiring, and full of integrity. An oasis of clarity, hope, and sanity… bringing more freedom and inner calm.” Sharon P

“TLC made accessible many concepts which once seemed complex and elusive. They helped me incorporate concrete steps, which had real healing effects on many aspects of my life.  With the hectic pace of my life, finding a way to focus on my physical mental and spiritual well-being in a practical way has been invaluable.” Deb D.

“This Cleanse program was so extremely thorough, packed with information and attention to detail. The teachers worked very well together and created a supportive, harmonious and flowing teaching environment.” Andrea D., Teacher

“I feel like I have awakened from some kind of fog with a profound sense of potential energy and power emerging from my body mind and spirit. Thank you!” Marie K.

“Thank you all for opening my eyes, ears, body, mind and spirit to a new way of thinking, seeing, hearing and being, for the rest of my life. A quest has truly begun for a better way to manage my being.” Midge S.

“My fibromyalgia pain has lessened by eighty-five to ninety percent. I am sleeping much better, I feel calmer, less reactive and more alert. I have established a daily practice of meditation, breathing, walks in the woods, conscious eating, clean eating, and drinking lots of water. Thank you all!” Pam M.

“The Cleanse has dramatically reduced my PMS symptoms and eliminated the need for pain medication during my cycle.” Karen W.

“I have reconnected with One Earth, as my guide, my body, my source!” Sally S.

“Worth the expense, it is the life changer I have been looking for! Go for it!” Liz L.

“I never really connected higher awareness to the food I was eating. After taking this class, I feel calmer, and more aware. This reinforces my belief in this way of life.” Robin R.

“I am less encumbered by life’s demands and feel much more alive.” Stacey R.

“The TLC Cleanse was very comprehensive. With gradual life changes to a healthier body, mind, spirit, I went down a full dress size and have more energy.” Jane T.

“I had no idea how profound this experience would be. It sparked a desire in me to continue to effect change through the techniques we learned.” Deb D.

“The Cleanse gives unexpected gifts and creates a loving container in which to receive them.” Alex H.

“I have been following TLC practices for ten months. This time includes participating in two cleanse groups with six months between groups. Recent blood tests during my yearly physical showed that my total cholesterol dropped from 227 to 190 and my LDL dropped from 140 to 125. These changes got my doctor off my back and I will continue the Cleanse lifestyle!” Marcia O.

“When the time is right for you, do this course! It is a path of awareness through the body, within a supportive community.” Leonie H.

“The Cleanse covers a lot of ground in a very short period of time, and I learned to relax.” Susan H.

“I was deeply reminded that the body is Nature, and an incredible healing organism on so many levels. Both Jonathan and Kevin are intelligent, committed, compassionate healers. Thank you for this teaching and effort, a true gift!!” Bob W.

“An extremely comprehensive Total Life Cleanse. An education in many different areas, from slaughterhouses to spiritual practice.” Anne D.

“I feel truly cleansed. As though a film has been lifted from me and I see and feel more clearly across my whole being.” Lisa R.

“The Cleanse has opened a portal to another world. I have easy tools to live in my body, understand its quirks and needs better. It’s an ever-evolving journey, which is now so much fun!” Jan B.

“I am committed to cleansing now! I feel fantastic and have learned things I know I will continue to incorporate into my life and daily routine.” Kathy K.

“TLC sets you on a new life course! It opens up new ways of thinking and behaving. Thanks for all your help. It was great!”  Maureen GL.

“I’ve had insomnia for the past three years. Since the Cleanse, I have had no problems sleeping and wake up refreshed.” Steve D.

“You were very professional, knowledgeable, calming, grounding… I would definitely come back for another Cleanse when it's time.” Sue D.

“The way you all treated everyone with consideration was much appreciated. I’d like to say with gratitude that it’s souls like you, the Total Life Cleanse and the Healing Essence Center that make life on the planet a little better by contributing to the collective consciousness to a higher ground.” Tom R.

 “I thought the Cleanse was just great! God bless you for making this world a better place. Thanks. In love, peace, and light.” Gena M.

“My metta phrases changed with the Cleanse. May I live in the present, may I live with compassion and wisdom, may I live with ease and well-being. Thanks for all the help!  Your approach and techniques are such a different way to look at my health and I really feel it is so valuable!” — Annie C.

“I loved learning about Chinese Medicine and organ systems, and about what holistic approach to health can look like. You answered all our questions with deep and thoughtful responses. Thank you from my heart to yours.” Chris B.

“This has changed my life, opening me even more to my life. A process has begun of being an active participant in caring for my physical being, which then nourishes my spirit! Thank you so much!” Trish C.

“I really like Jonathan’s style! He motivates me to do well without making me feel badly if I'm not perfect!” Lina F.

“This is the sort of lifestyle information that should have been given to us at the age of five to create great, life affirming habits. I was thirsty for this!!!” Jackie A.

“The combination of Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and current scientific / medical / nutritional research made for a powerful combination. The parallels to be found in all three are truly enlightening, encouraging and empowering. As a biologist myself, and a dabbler in Chinese Medicine and qigong, I could tell from the start that these guys really knew their stuff. As the program continued, I was amazed and impressed with both the depth and breadth of the information presented. During the Cleanse, I felt like each morning was a new and wondrous day. I am starting to remember how that felt for the first time in many years.” Mark T.

“After years of certain habits that have compromised optimum health and energy I am finally able to participate in the Cleanse ongoing practices for looking at the game of my life holistically. I am satisfied with the Cleanse strategies because they are effective. I am experiencing both myself and others differently in a more positive way. I am clearer, have greater ambition, courage, and strength… and offer greater value at home and work.” Mary Ann W.

“As a massage therapist, yoga instructor and healer, I had been looking for a way to eat better and cleanse for a long time. I had tried other diets and detoxes with varying degrees of success. Jonathan's Total Life Cleanse has been the best solution I have found that does a thorough job of healing from the inside out. It is a holistic, comprehensive program that integrates the body, mind and spirit. Jonathan's guidance and wisdom from years of being an acupuncturist, massage therapist, and healer, translate into the Total Life Cleanse. He takes time not only to meet with the group and offer his teaching and understanding of the human body, but also gives individual care to each participant. I can honestly say that what I have learned from Jonathan helps with the feeding of my family and keeps us happy and healthy. My practice as a healer has expanded as a result of this personal experience with the Total Life Cleanse. I am looking forward to more lessons with Jonathan as his book comes out!” Karen M.