Total Life Cleanse Program Details


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A 28-Day Program to Detoxify and Nourish the
Body, Mind, and Soul

Taking your health into your own hands is an
empowering and exciting process.

The art of cleansing and detoxification has always been one of the foundational cornerstones of Ayurvedic and all ancient holistic therapies. It is recommended to do a cleanse at least twice a year, preferably in the fall and the spring, under the guidance of a qualified Ayurvedic health practitioner. We have four unique cleanses each year, based on seasonal principles and the wisdom of Ayurveda. The Healing Essence Total Life Cleanse offers a variety of programs to fit your personal needs, to create balance, vitality and wellbeing on every level.

Online and Distance Cleanses via conference call are now available. Get the support you need to cleanse from the comfort of your own home, wherever you are! Online and Distance cleanses have been very successful. People all over the country are now experiencing the life changing benefits of the Healing Essence Total Life Cleanse. The Healing Essence Total Life Cleanse is more than another diet or fast.
It is a life-changing program of body detoxification, rejuvenation, personal growth and stress reduction, generally offered in a 21 day format. Shorter and longer cleanses are also available.

For over 20 years we have been supported thousands of clients through one of the most transformational experiences of their lives, The Healing Essence Total Life Cleanse!

Most of these cleanses have been in person in a group setting. For the past few years we have found that our cleansers have had profound healing experiences while doing the cleanse at a distance, with the right kind of guidance and support.

Total Life Cleanse Program Details

Total Life Cleanse Program Details

Combining Individualized Attention And Group Support To Enhance Participants’ Success, The Total Life Cleanse Program Includes The Following:

All of the supplements listed below (value: $199)

A 1-hour Personal Assessment Session + Recommendation with Jonathan Glass L.Ac (value: $125)

All information needed to do the cleanse provided in a beautifully
designed Pdf/eGuide (value: $199), including
Videos, Audios + Seasonal Cleanse Tips

Online Support, Access to our closed
Facebook Total Life Cleanse community (priceless)

10% discount on any cleanse supplement and herbal products not included in initial package.

10% off any additional one on one consultation with Jonathan Glass L.Ac. (Appointment necessary)

Clear Response | Total Life Cleanse Program Details

Clear Response Vanilla 20oz

100% Whole food vitamins and minerals, Clear Response is Innate’s answer to the constant barrage of environmental toxins and oxidative stress we encounter on a daily basis.

Value: $65.95

Innate Detox | Total Life Cleanse Program Details

Innate Detox™ 90 Caps

In addition, by including less ingredients at clinically effective dosages, Innate Detox shines as one of the industry’s premier liver support and therapeutic purification products.

Value: $29.95

Inflama GI | Total Life Cleanse Program Details

Inflama-GI™ 6.3oz

Supporting immunity and reducing inflammation.

Value: $55.95

Renewal Greens | Total Life Cleanse Program Details

Renewal Greens 10.6

A potent, high-quality, and great tasting!

Value: $47.95

DysBio-GI | Total Life Cleanse Program


Product of choice for cleansing and healing
the G.I. tract.

Value: $49.95


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I will personally see to it that every step along the way during your cleanse will be to your ultimate benefit and health.



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