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Here you'll find answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

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Q. What can I do to start to get ready for the cleanse ahead of time?

Read all the various info on the web site. Start to clean “junk food” out of your kitchen cupboards and refrigerator. Begin to drink more water and cut back on coffee if you drink it. If you have family members who “must” have the stuff, then isolate it to particular shelves or cupboards. Try to put it where you wont have to look at it all the time. Start to decrease/stop your own consumption of sugar and coffee.

Q. I am afraid I won’t get enough protein on the cleanse. How will I survive without it?

Thousands before you have eaten this way during the cleanse and beyond. You will be fine. The cleanse will help to relieve you of some of the myths around protein Did you know that broccoli has more protein per ounce than red meat? We really don’t need as much protein as folks often think, especially when cleanse protein sources are so easy to digest. There is quite a bit of protein in our smoothies.

Q. What will I be eating?

You will be eating whole foods and lots of vegetables. You will have smoothies every day that are tasty and satisfying. You will have different phases of eating: just an elimination diet, a mono diet, a green soups phase, a phase with lots of veggies, and an integration phase.

Q. Will I be running to the bathroom all the time?

You will be peeing more than normal, as you increase your water intake. This is a good thing. More regular bowel movements are also common. It is unusual for cleansers to have really loose bowels but it can happen. If it does, it generally passes quickly as the body comes back into balance after detoxifying.

Q. I don’t know if I can afford the cleanse.

We offer an Installment Payment plan for those who need it.

Q. What does the cost of the cleanse include?

It includes the classroom time either in person, by conference call or by online classes. Also included, if you decide to purchase, is the initial supply of each of the cleanse supplements and discounts if you need to buy a second bottle, a free consultation with Jonathan Glass L.Ac, M.Ac to customize the cleanse and get support on any health or practical issues. Additionally, online support for all members is included.

Q. I have a job. How can I do this?

This cleanse is designed so everyone can keep up their normal lives while cleansing. You may feel the need to sleep a bit more. This means going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. You can expect to go to work and do your job while you are cleansing. You will probably be happier and feel better at whatever you are doing.

Q. I don’t think I can possibly give up coffee, sugar, dairy, wheat!. How can I do this cleanse?

Just listen to all the classes and to the strategies we suggest. Most are happily surprised at how easy it really is once they get going.

Q. I’ve heard that you eat an Indian curry-like dish called kitchari. I hate curry or anything that tastes like Indian food.

That’s OK. You can make your kitchari with oregano and bay leaf and similar spices.

Q. I have a spouse and kids to cook for. How can I do this?

Your cleanse food is quite simple. Consider offering it to the family as a side dish and make them a main course that they are accustomed to. Make life easy on yourself by making them something simple and in large quantity that will work for more than one meal.

Q. I hate to cook. How can I do the cleanse?

Smoothies may become your best friend. However, the recipes recommended are easy and tasty. Find a friend to share the cleanse with and share meals or barter food for other services like driving kids!

Q. Can my teenager take the cleanse with me?

Yes, of course, we welcome them.

Q. My spouse/partner would like to take the cleanse with me, but it will be so expensive.

We offer a discount for couples taking the cleanse together.

Q. How will I ever find all the special food I will need?

Most good health food stores and larger stores like Whole Foods carry everything that is needed.

Q. Will I experience detox reactions such as headaches from the cleanse?

Any cleanse can cause detox reactions. However, due to the intelligent and gradual process of the cleanse, your body will have plenty of time to gradually detox. There is no reason to suffer. This is why we recommend particular liver and intestinal support herbs which help your body to release the stored toxins as well as eliminate them efficiently from the body. It is also very important to drink plenty of fresh water with lime or lemon in it all day long. Detoxing from coffee can often cause headaches. I have seen with the use of good liver support herbs and green tea early on during the cleanse, no symptoms will occur.
Most cleansers find it easy to let go of coffee and even tea after 2-3 days.

Q. Is this a highly restrictive cleanse, will I be hungry?

This cleanse is not meant to starve you or deprive you. It is not calorie restrictive. In fact food will begin to taste better than ever before. We will be eliminating certain foods which often overly stimulate the taste buds and desensitize us from healthy natural flavors. Sometimes, due to old dietary addictions, cravings and hunger will come. If so be sure to drink plenty of water and eat healthy snacks such as raw veggies, cleanse friendly fruits, nuts and seeds.

Q. My teeth are sensItIve From the lemon Water– What do I do?

As we recommend drinking lemon and lime water during the cleanse throughout the day, sometimes we hear of someone experiencing sensitivity in their teeth. Lemon is a wonderful gentle support for the liver. Lime is too, and it also is very alkalizing for the water. One great way to avoid this is to drink your water with a straw. Additionally, rinse your mouth with regular water every hour or so. For most people the small but consistent amount of lemon or lime has no negative impact on the teeth.

Q. Do I have to be a vegetarian to do the cleanse?

You do not have to be a vegetarian to do the cleanse, however part of the cleanse is vegetarian. Cleansing means restricting toxic and acidic foods.
While this is not strictly a vegetarian cleanse, we do recommend that you go 100% vegetarian during the kitchari phase of the cleanse. All animal products are acidic to the body and are more burdensome to digest than fruits, grains and vegetables. Most people who think of themselves as meat eaters are pleasantly surprised at how well they feel on the He~TLC cleanse diet. Many people find that after the cleanse they choose to be full vegetarians or vegans. Others find that they consume far less meat than they did before.

Q. Is this a low fat or high fat cleanse?

It is neither. Ayurveda acknowledges that different body types and different seasons require varying amounts of fats in the diet. This cleanse recommends small amounts of fat in the spring season. Spring is the time of year the body most likes to eliminate stored fats and toxins. We minimize fat in the spring and summer in order to assist the body to do just that. Fall and Winter allows more fat during the cleanse. It is also recommended to speak with Jonathan about having a personalized assessment to properly individualize your fat needs. Either way, the cleanse is not a high fat program, as fat can clog the channels of the body and too much is not beneficial during a cleanse.

Q. Why do you allow grains on the cleanse? Won’t my blood sugar get high and won’t I get fat?

The HE-TLC is based on the principles of ancient wisdom and Ayurveda. Most people, even those who have blood sugar issues, do very well on the cleanse diet. As long as they eat plenty of cleanse friendly veggies, avoid Off The Cleanse grains such as wheat, spelt, and gluten containing grains, avoid refined carbohydrates, animal products, and excess fat, we find that energy and mental clarity is improved. Additionally, over the years we have consistently seen that cholesterol and blood pressure levels have all come down with cleanse eating. Many over the years were convinced they needed to be on high protein, high fat, low carbohydrate diet to try to keep their weight at a good place. Once they shifted to the On The Cleanse diet, they were happily surprised at how well they felt and looked!

Q. Why Do you Use Supplements During the Cleanse, isn’t good food enough?

Ultimately, we want you to depend on good food for your sustenance during and after the cleanse. Many healing phyto nuntrients are found in food alone. Eating clean and well is huge! However, never before have we been exposed to as many toxins such as heavy metal and industrial chemicals as all of us are today. To really start the process of getting to some deeper stored toxins in the liver, stored fat, blood and brain, we do recommend effective detoxification products that work more effectively than food alone. These products also help to prevent negative detox reactions such as headaches, body aches and cold like symptoms.

Q. Do we have to use your recommended products to have a successful cleanse?

No, you do not have to. We have however, chosen products that have been tried and tested. We have also thought out carefully product that support the organ systems we most want to support during the cleanse. Additionally, we choose only the highest quality and clean products available, so it makes sense to use our recommended products during the cleanse. If you choose not to, we recommend that you do your own research to pick products that fill in the gaps according to cleanse recommendations.

Q. Will I have digestive issues like bloating, diarrhea, or constipation during the cleanse?

Any time we cleanse, significantly change our diet and add nutritional detoxification support, your digestive system may go through some changes. When we detox, toxins from the extremities of our body make their way back to the digestive organs in order to be eliminated. These toxins can actually irritate the intestines. This is why we recommend eating simple easy to digest foods, and use some effective anti inflammatory herbs for the intestines. Some people may get a little bloated for a few days. Sometimes loose bowels occur. This is not bad, as it is the body’s way of eliminating toxins. We don’t want to suppress that. As long as it only lasts for a few days it is no problem. Even constipation can happen during a cleanse as dietary changes and toxins and slow temporarily slow things down. Adding exta chia seeds, probiotics, triphala, magnesium or digestive enzymes can be really helpful. Be sure to keep your water intake high also. If you have any of these issues, be sure to email or call us to help you give you some ideas to get moving properly again.

Q. Do I need to do the cleanse perfectly in order to benefit?

Yes and no. The cleanse is ultimately about changing your life for the better in the long run. Its not about perfection its about doing your best. If you go off track, get back on as quickly as possible. While we do want you to be as disciplined as possible, straying a bit will not ultimately ruin the cleanse as long as you recover quickly and don’t let yourself fall back into old habits. There is no such thing as a cleanse failure, unless you just give up.

Q. Do I need to get everything on the shopping list?

The shopping list lists essentials and optionals. It is often best to purchase all the essentials first . After the first few days of the cleanse you can decide if you want to get the optionals. All products on the shopping list are beneficial for the cleanse.

Q. Do I have to follow all the recipes each day?

No. You do not have to follow all the recipes exactly as they are given from day to day. They are recommendations and of course cleanse friendly. It is important to follow the phases of the cleanse however. Be sure to eat only foods that are On The Cleanse and eliminate foods that are Off The Cleanse.
Feel free to use a recipe frequently if you really like it. If you don’t like one don’t use it. If there is a spice you don’t like take it out and use something different. We really want you to experiment with the recipes as they all have healing, detoxing and nourishing qualities.

Q. Do I have to have my cleanse smoothie in the morning?

It is recommended to have a breakfast smoothie. This is because during the morning hours the body is still in a mode of detoxification. Smoothies

Q. Do I have to Use All Organic Ingredients?

Pesticides and herbicides as well as genetically modified foods are not generally not found in organic produce. These toxins are stressful on the body and many are linked to disease and cancer.
We are aware that today our organic produce is more expensive than conventionally produced. Do your best to use predominantly organic fruits and veggies. If you are eating any animal foods, including ghee, it must be organic. Inorganic animal food is some of the most toxic food on the planet. Animals are high on the food chain and absorb toxic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, hormones deep into their fat and muscle tissue. This is just one reason why HE~TLC recommends to eliminate all animal food for the majority of the cleanse.
In the cleanse resources section you will find a list of the foods you most want to avoid due to pesticide use. Also included is a list of the foods that are least impacted by pesticide use. You can then make informed decisions.

Q. Can I use Stevia, Honey and Agave Syrup?

The answer is a conditional yes to all the above. We only recommend the use of raw Agave as a transitional sweetener for those of you who were eating lots of refined sugar and corn syrup products before the cleanse. Agave Syrup does not impact the blood sugar at first but will increase insulin resistance when used over time. I have seen many women get a belly after using Agave Syrup in their tea every day. The best sweetener for the cleanse is Stevia. I prefer a liquid form that has no other substance in it besides Stevia. Often they add dextrose, a sugar from corn. Stevia does not impact blood sugar and is nice in tea or even your lemon/lime water for a lemonaid taste. Raw honey is truly the best sweetener in the sense that is it raw and has an incredible array of nutrients immune benefits. Having said that, we really want to begin the process of balancing the blood sugar during the cleanse. Many of us are so far off that raw honey is still too much. Ultimately, it is best to simply enjoy the natural taste of cleanse friendly fruits and moderate amounts of Stevia during the cleanse.

Q. Can I make my smoothie and kitchari the day before or that morning for my afternoon meal or smoothie?

The Kitchari can be made to last for a few days. You can even freeze some of it. To reheat, simply add some water and heat till warm. You can also steam some greens on the side if you have time to add.
As far as the smoothie goes, you can certainly make your morning smoothie large enough to last for your afternoon smoothie. The only reason I would do this is if you really need to save the time. Be sure to seal it tightly and keep cold. It will congeal and become thick and oxidize a bit. If you don’t mind the thickness, it is no problem. You can also make your smoothie at night for the morning if this works best. Another better alternative would be to put all ingredients in a jar except for the liquid the night before and have ready to blend in the morning. Fresh is always better, but smoothie vs. no smoothie is also better.

Q. Why no kombucha?

Commercial kombucha tends to still have a lot of sugar in the final product. Some brands also have had too much alcohol in them. I have seen some patients with yeast problems worsen due to drinking kombucha regularly. Go back to it after the cleanse or even better, make your own!

Q. What about Chocolate?

Chocolate as far as powder or dark chocolate bars, even organic are off the cleanse due to the sugar content and processing. However, if you want, you can use raw cacao, which is the cocao bean that has not yet been made into chocolate. It has a bitter chocolaty taste. Raw cacao is an amazing super food with an array of anitoxidants and mood elevating nutrients. Adding raw cacao nibs into your morning smoothie is a great way to get the mood elevating benefits of chocolate without the negatives.

Q. Snacks, what to do if I get hungry?

Feel free to use any cleanse friendly snacks during the day. Be sure to limit nuts, as they can be a little high in fat and difficult to digest. Go to the cleanse resources section on snacks for some great ideas. Most people say they are not hungry during the cleanse.

Q. Do I need to exercise during the cleanse? Will I have the energy to?

Exercise is really important during the cleanse. Exercise moves the lymph tissue, oxygenates the cells, detoxifies the body of acid waste and strengthens the lungs and heart. If you already exercise, great! Keep It up. You may feel a little less energy to do so in the beginning. Listen to what your body is telling you and don’t push. Your strength and energy will return and eventually you may find your energy begins to skyrocket! Enjoy a good workout. Sweating is a great thing to do during a cleanse. So go for it.
For those of you who don’t exercise very much or at all, now is the time to begin. I recommend that you begin slowly with walking combined with deep and slow breathing. This is called walking with circular breathing and is explained in the TLC Sadhana section. Begin with walking 5 minutes each day and increase daily. If you don’t break a sweat then try to get to a sauna or even better purchase an Amethyst Biomat. You can also do a Epson salt bath. More on these ideas in the resources section.

Q. Will I lose weight during the cleanse?

Most likely you will lose weight during the cleanse. Most people lose from a few pounds to 15 pounds. It varies a lot based on individual genetics, circumstances and conditions. Most people however, are very happy with their weight loss during the cleanse. I will say that the body prioritizes. That means that when we detox, the body focuses the healing it most needs to do. If weight loss is not the priority, then other things like clearing toxins in the liver will happen first. I have seen many people take up to 9 weeks of staying on cleanse friendly principles before they begin to really lose the weight they want to lose. Often, it almost begins to drip off the body, once the body is ready. So, don’t worry! It will come off in time. The cleanse is meant to transform your life for the long run. Therefore, keep following the cleanse principles for some time even after the cleanse is over. If you lose weight we want it to be because you have detoxified, changed your diet and lifestyle, not because you are doing a fad diet. If you want to lose weight and are not , do let me know and I can offer some recommendations that may help to get things going a bit quicker.

Q. How soon will it take for me to feel better?

This is a very individual thing. It is remarkable how people can feel a variety of health improvements within just a few days. Often showing up in the form of less pain, better mood, improved sleep and improved digestion. When we stop stressing the body with undue toxins, poor quality foods, sugar and dairy, amazing results can happen quickly.
As I mentioned before, some people do experience moderate detoxification symptoms which pass quickly. Some take a week or two before they notice improvements but this is quite rare. Even if energy is not quickly improved, mental acuity and mood often improves first. When the body detoxifies, eventually you will feel better.

Q. What about eating in social situations as well as eating out?

Eating out can be challenging as well as eating with others. Having said that it is totally doable! When eating out, ask for what you want. Most restaurants these days are willing to listen and honor specific food requests. As long as you eat ON THE CLEANSE, you will be fine. Even if its not perfect, eating cleanse friendly will work just fine. Just make good choices. When going to a social gathering try to be sure there will be something there that you can eat. You can bring something with you or request that your host makes something. If you know there will be nothing for you to eat, eat before you go out so you wont be tempted.

Q. Do I have to do a cleanse just once in my life? Will I have to repeat it?

Ayurveda recommends that we do a cleanse at least twice a year, especially during the spring and fall. We are exposed to more environmental toxins and low quality foods than ever before. Cleansing helps us to detox and reset! Doing a cleanse just once is a great thing. To maintain real health, frequent cleansing is essential. We even recommend winter and summer cleansing these days to reset from the holidays and excessive feasting and drinking.

Q. Is it ok to cleanse while pregnant or nursing?

Deep cleansing is not recommended during the cleanse. Focus on nourishing your body and eating the cleanse diet is ideal. Many pregnant and nursing women have taken the cleanse while limiting the supplements with great success. Its a great way to get educated to take good care of yourselves and your baby. Taking the supplements and herbs except for Clear TRS is also not recommended. Cleanse friendly smoothies are also great during pregnancy and while nursing.

Q. Are there times when I should not do a cleanse?

If someone is extremely ill with diseases like cancer, if on lots of medications, if one has kidney or liver disease, it is recommended to seek the advice of your doctor before cleansing. If extremely depleted due to a long term illness, it may not be the best time to cleanse. For most people, even very ill, the HC~TLC diet will be most beneficial.

Q. Should I take my regular supplements during the cleanse?

Many supplements on the market are synthetic and not very high quality. Additionally, supplements can impact our chemistry and physiology significantly, and not necessarily in ways we want them to. Some take high doses of multi-vitamins and minerals without really know if their body really benefits or not. For instance, excess intake of Calcium has been found to decrease thyroid function, increase hardening of the arteries, increase kidney and gall stones, decrease energy and cause depression. I know so many women who made themselves miserable by takin too much calcium! Therefore, we recommend that you minimize your supplement protocol to that of the cleanse recommended supplements and herbal formulas. If you have good reason to be sure that a supplement is beneficial, then, by all means continue. Otherwise it can give your body a break and be able to focus on detoxification. The cleanse diet and smoothies are sufficient nutritionally without any added supplements.

Q. Shall I stop my prescription medication during the cleanse? Can I take over the counter medications during the cleanse?

No, you should continue to take your medication prescribed by your doctor. It is important to also let your doctor know you are doing a cleanse. Often the need for medications like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and pain medications will decrease during the cleanse. Therefore, it is essential that you monitor yourself appropriately under the care of your doctor.
As far as over the counter medications go, please do your best to eliminate or minimize as much as possible. Your pain may decrease and you may need less anyway. There are wonderful liver and kidney friendly alternatives out there that will be listed in the cleanse resources section. If you want some personal advice feel free to call my office to set up an appointment.

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I will personally see to it that every step along the way during your cleanse will be to your ultimate benefit and health.



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