This Week’s Products of the Week: Shakti Chai!

This week’s Products of the Week are some really nice super tea powders called Shakti Chai.

shakti-chaiThese are made by an old and dear friend of mine who now runs a successful Chinese and Ayurvedic herbal business. They are wonderful Chai drinks that come in powders.

Shakti Chai is the name…vitality and energy is their game! Wow, these are potent formulas with amazing super-food and energizing qualities.

Herbs like maca, ashwaghanda, rhodiola all in a base of highest quality chai spices. One of them has some caffeine in the form of yerba mate. Shakti Chais are energizing and taste great!

Check out this week’s video below and pick some up in our shop for a nourishing, tasty, incredibly healthy and energizing treat.

You can find Shakti Chais on our shop home page and under the Digestion & Superfoods category.

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