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Breathe Easy Platinum - BIO1500PA

The Breath Easy Platinum BioSmart Far-Infrared heater is a remarkable heater and air purification system.  We love it in our home and office.  Keeps us warm and also keeps the cost of heat down too!!   It is by far the best, portable heater and air purification system on the market.  It will not dry out your air and will acutally keep not only you, but the furniture warm too!   Also, inside air quality is extemely important for health and well being.  BioSmart includes a state of the art air cleaning system using the latest technology in ionization and detoxification.

How does an infrared heater save money? The answer is simple. Far infrared heat is the most efficient way to turn electrical energy into heat energy. The BioSmart® heater uses proprietary quartz infrared elements to generate far infrared, or thermal infrared, wavelengths to produce heat. These thermal heat waves are relatively short waves, the nature of which provide the ability to penetrate objects much faster than conventional radiant heat waves from gas or electric heat. As much as 80% of the heat generated by an infrared heater is absorbed by the objects in the room, instead of floating around the air, uselessly dissipating through the walls, floor and ceiling.

So it requires 35‐50% less energy to heat with infrared heat than with conventional radiant heat. Other forms of heat production warm the air first instead of the objects; with conventional radiant heat sources, hot air rises and settles on your ceiling, where it is as much as 15 degrees warmer than where you are sitting, on the floor. Infrared heat waves are distributed evenly from floor to ceiling, thus avoiding cold pockets typical with conventional heaters.

The energy and cost savings experienced with utilizing the BioSmart® Portable Infrared Furnace will usually pay for the purchase of the heater in less than three months.

It’s not just a heater anymore! The most efficient and technologically advanced far infrared heater now also features a 4-stage air purification system that can be run independent of the heater.  Just turn the infrared elements off in warmer weather and keep the air purifier on.  (A 5th stage carbon gas absorption filter is optional.)  For a limited time, you can purchase this heater foronly $399.  ONLY $5 for Shipping!

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BioSmart  Breath Easy

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