JivAtma Energy Healing

What is JivAtma Healing?

JivAtma Energy Healing is based on the ancient principles of Ayurveda, Sankhya Yoga and Bhakti Yoga, developed by Acupuncturist and Ayurvedic Practitioner, Jonathan Glass.

JivAtma Energy Healing brings balance and purification to all the elements within, and supports deep connection with our pure soul essence, or JivAtma. JivAtma Energy Healing utilizes is a step by step process of healing based on balancing all of the elements within.

Often, a powerful and beautiful flow of healing, peace and higher consciousness occurs.


JivAtma Healing and the 25 Elements and 5 Koshas/Sheaths

Yoga and Ayurveda acknowledge that disconnection from our JivAtma/soul essence is the original and most significant cause of imbalance, distress and disease.

The JivAtma is covered by twenty-five elements as well as five coverings known sheaths or koshas. The process of JivAtma Healing restores balance (sattva) within these sheaths as well as the twenty-five material elements. By balancing the elements and sheaths, elemental harmony is established. When these internal elements are balanced and in harmony with our JivAtma, greater physical health, emotional balance, mental peace, intelligence, enthusiasm, strength and spiritual enlightenment naturally occurs, along with greater awareness of our JivAtma soul essence.


Dosha’s and Gunas: Dis-ease and the Three Qualities of Nature

In Sanskrit the soul is called JivAtma and the Divine Witness within or the Supersoul is called Paramatma.

The material and subtle elements within exist in a state of relative balance or imbalance. When imbalanced, they manifest a disease tendency or dosha. Dosha means dis-ease tendency or fault.

The subtle elements become deranged by the three qualities of nature, known as gunas. These qualities are ignorance (resistance), passion (desire and greed) and goodness (balance, harmony, enlightenment) or tamas, rajas, and sattva respectively.

When the elements are brought back into balance or sattva, the body, mind and emotions along with spirit function in greater harmony allowing for healing to take place.


Qualities of the Soul:

The soul or JivAtma has three main qualities known in Sanskrit as Sat, Chit and Ananda. They mean:

  1. Sat- Being, Ever-present, eternal beingness, truth, pure life energy
  2. Chit-Knowing, Fully conscious, cognizant, awareness, knowledge, pure light energy
  3. Ananda-Loving, Completely joyful, happy, bliss, pure love energy

The JivAtma is never actually influenced by the material dosha’s or gunas. It is pure and transcendental. Awareness of JivAtma/soul essence can, however, is obscured from perception due to an imbalance or disturbance within some or all of the twenty-five elements. This imbalance perpetuates our ignorance and suffering, causing us to look for life, light and love in all the wrong places. The greater the imbalance, the more difficult it will be to realize our natural, fully cognizant, ever present, blissful divine state, ie., the qualities of our JivAtma/soul essence.

For example, when the sun is covered by a cloud, the cloud does not influence the energy or actual qualities of the sun; full heat and light. Instead, it obstructs its heat and light from our vision.


JivAtma Energy Healing works to restore balance to each element. It does so one by one in a natural yet specific sequence. In Ayurvedic terms, JAH helps to decrease elemental and doshic imbalances in the 20 material elements  and decreases the qualities of rajas-passion or  and tamas-ignorance while revealing the inherent sattvic qualities of enlightenment, balance, goodness and harmony within the 3 subtle elements. This creates an environment and potentiality for the natural qualities of the JivAtma/soul essence to manifest more fully in our lives.


Included in the JivAtma Energy Healing Seminar

Level 1:

This two weekend, highly experiential seminar will introduce you to the gift of JivAtma Energy Healing. JAH is based on ancient Ayurvedic principles, yet is a new form of healing, supporting higher levels of health, balance, potential and personal transformation.

Weekend 1 Seminar Highlights:

  • Sattvic Presence Consciousness (SPC)
  • Sattvic Breath (SB)
  • Sattvic Touch (ST)
  • Sattvic Connection (SC)
  • Sattvic Forgiveness (SF)
  • Sattvic Presence (SP)
  • Embodying and learning the 26 Elements within
  • Embodying the sub-parts of the elements within
  • Hands-On Healing
  • Hands-Off Healing
  • Self-Healing
  • Distance Healing
  • Introducing JivAtma Energy Healing to your everyday life
  • Discussions about JivAtma Energy Healing philosophy

Students will take turn working with each other throughout the weekend and will become familiar with the multiple aspects of the JivAtma Energy Healing practice.

Upon successful completion of weekend 1, you will be eligible to attend weekend 2, which fulfills the Level 1 Certification in JivAtma Energy Healing.

JivAtma/soul essence Energy Healing leads us inward toward our spiritual origins. In JivAtma Healing, we travel within through the 25 Elements, from gross to subtle, from matter to the Inner Self or JivAtma. This offers healing on both the material and spiritual planes. The assisted harmonizing and reconnecting process is called JivAtma Energy Healing.


Benefits of JivAtma Healing

  • deep relaxation and peace
  • decrease of physical ailments and pain
  • neurological unwinding
  • stress unwinding
  • balancing of meridians and chakras
  • expanded perception
  • inner stillness
  • greater self acceptance
  • greater acceptance of others
  • enhanced ability to forgive and want best for self and others
  • greater integration of all aspects of self
  • greater mental sattva (balance, light)
  • decreased doshic imbalance
  • greater capacity for innate wisdom and capacity to listen to inner voice
  • greater energy, joy, strength
  • healing of past emotional wounds, imprints and undigested experiences
  • less fear of the future and regret from the past
  • greater appreciation of the present and ability to BE
  • less guilt, less fear, more love
  • enhanced perception of unity
  • enhanced access to subtle realms within and without
  • enhanced perception of Divinity and connection with JivAtma soul essence


Four Principles of JivAtma Healing


  1. JivAtma Energy Healing utilizes the principle of harmonic induction and entrainment. Deep or sattvic presence in relationship with anyone or anything heals. SPC, ST, SB, SC induces a state of healing through: energy, awareness, touch and breath. The client is harmonically inducted and entrained into the sattvic vibrational energy facilitated by the practitioner. By sequentially following the steps of JivAtma Energy Healing in the context of the SPC energy field, healing and balance within all elements and on all levels is possible. SPC, ST, SB, and SC are an act of deep presence, listening, forgiveness, compassion and acceptance which has the power to heal and relieve suffering.


  1. JivAtma Energy Healing allows for purification and sattvic balance to all the elements that make up the human being. By doing so, the elements settle and interact more harmoniously with each other and support JivAtma or soul perception. JivAtma Energy Healing helps both the client and practitioner deepen their connection with their their pure soul essence or JivAtma.


  1. JivAtma Energy Healing encourages experiential JivAtma realization. An increased sense of beingness or presence is the foundation for realizing our eternal, conscious, blissful nature, being intimately part of Spirit. This is healing, relieves suffering and is nourishing on all levels of existence.


  1. JivAtma Energy Healing allows for a deep Sattvic Connection (SC) between the practitioner and client. SC allows for healing and forgiveness and minimizes existential loneliness and human suffering. SC leads to profound spiritual healing from the egoic sense of separation. This often lies at the root of suffering, which includes the need to deny, defend and attack. In JivAtma Energy Healing both practitioner and client benefit, even without the client’s full awareness of what is occurring, or a “belief” in soul or Spirit. Healing still takes place. The more the practitioner experiences and deepens in the Sattvic Connection (SC), the more powerful and profound his or her healings will subsequently be.


What Happens During a Session?

A JivAtma Healing session generally lasts 30 minutes. The client sits or lies down on a table or soft surface. The practitioner generally sits at the head of the client and begins by placing both hands under the base of the head of the client, however can sit or touch client anywhere. JivAtma Energy Healing can also be practiced both hands off and at a distance.

The practitioner then goes through the chosen sequence.

When the session is over, the practitioner and client share their experience.