HCG Pellets

PRICE: $55.95

HCG from MHP is back, but in PELLET form for now. It is by far our favorite HCG products. Not only do they have the ideal homeopathic dose of HCG in each dose, they contain other homeopathic ingredients that help with weight loss, mood, and energy.


Our HCG is a multiple potency form of HCG. This makes HCG from MHP and Intermountain the most effective and comprehensive Homeopathic HCG products available on the market.

We have had hundreds of patients and clients that have greater success with homeopathic HCG and the Ultimate HCG Weight Loss Program than with anything they have ever tried. If you just want to lose 15-20 pounds or if you need to lose over 100 lbs, this program and product works. We see this every month at our center and hear from satisfied clients all over the world. Call for a free consult to see if HCG Remedy is for you.

HCG Remedy Intermountain 30 day supply

Proprietary potency combination:
HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin homochord (6X, 16X, 28X) plus homeopathics for stress and hunger