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Important!!! We all need protection from EMF’s and RF’s, especially our children!!!

There is more and more emerging evidence that cell phone use disturbs the human energy field. From any health related perspective, whether it be Ayurvedic or modern scientific understanding, disturbed cells can translate into ill health, deranged DNA and even cancer.

I am very excited to announce after researching many products and companies, I have chosen Aulterra’s Neutralizer as my product of choice for to protect us from the negative effects of man made EMF’s and RF’s (electro-magnetic frequencies and radio frequency radiation.


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The Neutralizer has been proven to be extremely effective and very moderately priced. Some of the top scientists, researchers, doctors, and holistic muscle testers that I personally respect the most, validate this research! Read below for more information.

The Aulterra Neutralizer™ for Cell Phones 3-Pack

Man-made EMFs have a chaotic energy and different frequency than natural earth created EMFs. They can disrupt or distort organic energy patterns. It is precisely this tendency to distort human energy patterns that causes artificial EMFs to be hazardous. Human-made EMFs may cause cancer and present other grave dangers to human health. Aulterra is a homeopathically activated combination of natural paramagnetic and diamagnetic elements which neutralize the effect of man-made EMF exposure on human DNA. Noted DNA researcher Dr. Maria Syldona recently completed a study in which she concluded:

“. . . the natural coherent energy emanating from Aulterra neutralized the incoherent energy from the man-made EMF, rendering it harmless to human DNA.”

The Aulterra Neutralizer™ Will Not Interfere with the Functioning of Your Cell Phone

Unlike other EMF blocking devices, the Aulterra Neutralizer will not affect cellular phone reception or transmission. Your phone will still be the convenient communications tool you wanted it to be–it will just no longer be dangerous to your DNA and your health.

The Aulterra Neutralizer™ Will Work on Any Cellular Phone

The Aulterra Neutralizer™ is effective against harmful EMF/RF radiation with any style of cellular phone.

  • Any antenna style
  • Any brand or model
  • Digital, analog or dual mode phones
  • New models as well as older styles

The Aulterra Neutralizer™ Works on Other EMF Radiating Devices Too!

Cellular phones are not the only harmful EMF radiating devices in our homes or offices. If you have any of these electronic devices, you need the protection of the Aulterra Neutralizer™:

  • Computer terminal
  • Microwave
  • Cordless telephone
  • Television
  • Video Game Equipment

The Aulterra Neutralizer™ is Easy To Use. Just Stick it on and You’re Protected.

There’s no complicated installation procedure with the Aulterra Neutralizer™. The adhesive backed disc will stick to almost any surface and provide you with constant protection for as long as it remains on the device. Just apply it to any relatively flat, smooth surface on your cellular phone, or other device and you can feel confident again.
The Aulterra Neutralizer™

The reasonably priced Neutralizer™ will be a small price to pay for the safety and peace of mind that comes with knowing you and your loved ones are safe from the harmful effects of EMF exposure. Contact Aulterra or your health care professional today to get your supply of Aulterra Neutralizers™.

Studies Prove Cell Phone Radiation Causes Damage to DNA

The latest studies confirm what the cellular phone corporations do not want you to know. Even casual use of a cellular phone can damage the DNA in sensitive areas of your brain. A landmark study conducted by Dr. Henry Lai of the University of Washington showed that even at low levels, exposure to electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies (EMFs/RFs) caused DNA damage to brain cells of rats resulting in loss of short and long-term memory and slower learning. Further he noted:

DNA damages in cells could have an important implication on health because they are cumulative.
That’s bad enough, but the news gets worse. A study done at Penn State University concluded that EMF exposure produced no effect for the “first few minutes, . . . then a cascade of microbial destruction occurs.”

The levels at which damage occurs have been shown to be as low as .024-.0024 W/kg–much lower than any cellular phone!

Even using an earpiece will not keep you out of danger from EMF exposure. Earpieces act almost like ‘conduits’ to funnel as much as three times the harmful radiation to your brain.

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