Health Tips for Eating and Feeling Better this Holiday Season

Dear Friends,

For most of us, the holidays are mixed with both positive and negative memories and experiences.

Many actually end up sick or depressed during and after the holidays. We blame family dynamics, the weather, and the pace of the season.

Most are unaware that much of the food we eat during the holidays actually can make us depressed… really!

Now, add complex family dynamics to the recipe of extended days consuming alcohol, sugar, lots of dairy and wheat and high fat processed foods, and we really feel lousy! This can push us back into old patterns—mix family in and wow! It’s like I’m back in high school and having a bad day!

The holidays don’t have to make you sick!

You can overindulge a bit and stay connected to your best self. However, we have to come out of denial that says food has no impact on our mood.

There are steps you can take that will significantly diminish the negative effects of poor diet during and after Thanksgiving and the following holidays.

Here are a few tips.

  1. With each and every meal, take a good digestive enzyme.

    Take one with appetizers, then one with the main meal and then with desert. You really can’t take too many. Breaking your food down effectively will help you feel lighter and will eliminate food sensitivity reactions. One of the most common negative reactions to food is not digestive distress, but mental and mood distress.

  2. Move your body: overeating, and eating lots of sugar, dairy, wheat, alcohol, etc., tends to cause sluggishness mentally and physically.

    Overeating stagnates the lymphatic and circulatory systems, which decreases oxygenation to our cells, as well as stressing the digestive system. So, move the body vigorously.Go for a few ten minute brisk walks during feast days and then the next day do some extra walking, swimming biking, yoga, etc. Reset your mind and body for optimal health.

  3. Break a sweat the next day.

    It’s one of the best ways to clear toxins, excess acidity, drain lymphatic stagnation, and it will also boost the mood.

  4. Eat light the day after overeating.

    Try a high quality smoothie with pea protein, green phytonutrient formula, berries, and chia seeds, and eat lots of veggies—as many as you want. Eat plenty but eat clean!

  5. Get your elimination going.

    Use chia seeds and Triphala, an excellent blood and intestinal tonic and cleanser.

  6. Recover fast!

    Let go of red meat, wheat, dairy, and sugar as soon as possible. Get back on track fast.

It’s all about feeling your best and resetting. Recover quickly by following the above suggestions. Going off track from time to time is okay. The trick is to quickly reset!

Wishing you a lovely, energized, and healthy holiday season!

In Spirit,
Jonathan and Katherine

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