Herbal Face Food Prices are Up! But…

Due to raw material prices and the use of only exceptionally high quality ingredients, the prices for Herbal Face FoodTM have gone up.

However, with this code –  HEALING10 – you can purchase Face FoodTM, Body FoodTM, and Super Face FoodTM at a 10% discount until December 31st!

Herbal Face FoodHerbal Face FoodTM is a skin care product that is changing the game when it comes to skin care.

  • It has NOT been made to smell really pretty, though many end up loving the smell;
  • it’s NOT been made simply to feel smooth and creamy (except for Body FoodTM of course,) but Face FoodTM can have a little sting when you first put it on;
  • it’s not just been made with clean products that have marginal impact on healing the skin, Face FoodTM is incredibly potent and is off the ORAC scale for antioxidant capacity.

This stuff can heal skin, and make you look and even feel younger, as lots of those antioxidant, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal nutrients get into the bloodstream… After all YOU EAT WHAT YOU PUT ON YOUR SKIN!!

I use it every day, as does Katherine and Kathy at the front desk is in love with it!

We have samples for $20 and product coming in soon!

Click here to visit the Skin, Hair & Hormones section of our shop. Add any Herbal Face FoodTM product to your cart, and use coupon code HEALING10 at checkout to save 10% through December 31st.


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