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You might be starved: chronic inflammation and autoimmune reactivity

The result of modern-day starvation is that, while we may eat more calories than ever, we metabolize little, gain insufficient nutrition, store extra fat, and trigger states of chronic inflammation and autoimmune reactivity.  This week I’ll touch on the topic of modern-day starvation… one of the negative aspects of our modern condition. Total Life Cleanse […]

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My upcoming book and how it relates to NOW!

Greetings all, About a year from now my book will be coming out. It’s going to be called (most likely), Healing Essence Total Life Cleanse—Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times. I was planning on self-publishing the book, however, it was picked up by a wonderful health- and consciousness-oriented publisher called Inner Traditions—thus the delay. I was […]

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HCG Weight Loss Program Begins August 10th

Fully Supported HCG Weight Loss Program via Conference Call! Conference Call Schedule: Wednesday, August 10th, 8-10pm, followed by 8 consecutive Wednesday, 8-9pm Cost: $495, Including Nine weeks of instruction via conference call Homeopathic HCG HCG Guide Book One Individual Consultation by phone or in-person Email support throughout the program Register HERE! Can’t make the August group work […]

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Total Life Cleanse & Weight Loss Program

Due to the great success of our last cleanse and weight loss combination program, I have scheduled a Conference Call Total Life Cleanse~Homeopathic HCG Weight Loss Program beginning Thursday, June 16th. This program is extremely effective, especially when you get the right support.  We have found that doing a short cleanse combined with homeopathic HCG has […]

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