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You might be starved: chronic inflammation and autoimmune reactivity

The result of modern-day starvation is that, while we may eat more calories than ever, we metabolize little, gain insufficient nutrition, store extra fat, and trigger states of chronic inflammation and autoimmune reactivity.  This week I’ll touch on the topic of modern-day starvation… one of the negative aspects of our modern condition. Total Life Cleanse […]

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My upcoming book and how it relates to NOW!

Greetings all, About a year from now my book will be coming out. It’s going to be called (most likely), Healing Essence Total Life Cleanse—Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times. I was planning on self-publishing the book, however, it was picked up by a wonderful health- and consciousness-oriented publisher called Inner Traditions—thus the delay. I was […]

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Why Cleanse in the Spring?

Our extended Early-Bird registration for the Spring Total Life Cleanse ends tomorrow, April 1st. Why Cleanse?  During the spring, as the soil thaws and the seeds begin to sprout, we too thaw from the cold and dry of winter. The dampness that comes with spring tends to cause allergy symptoms, heaviness, stiffness, irritability, stress in the liver […]

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Winter Total Life Cleanse

March 8, 2017 – March 29, 2017 96 Commonwealth Ave Map and Directions | More Details & Registration Description:   Many people eat too much sugar, drink too much alcohol, get sick, become depressed, and feel tired this time of year. Often, the spring is then hampered by lethargy, colds, and allergies. All this pain […]

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21-Day Spring Total Life Cleanse

The Cleanse is On!! Spring is the best time to cleanse! Its time to think about lightening up, detoxing, losing weight and aligning with the upcoming spring season. Avoiding sugar, dairy and excess fat is extremely important this time of year.  It is said in Ayurveda that during the spring, body fat and accumulated winter […]

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Kitcharee Cleanse

One of the most simple things you can do to create balance for all body types is to do a kitcharee cleanse.  Kitcharee is an Ayurvedic dish that consists of mung beans, basmati rice and spices.  It is simple to make, very nutritious, tasty and a perfect protein.  There are numerous ways to make kitcharee […]

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