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Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine, and Ayurveda: When to use what

Avail yourself of the benefits of Western medicine (when you break a bone, for example) and holistic health care such as Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine (for regular preventative health care). I have seen people who have neglected one or the other and deprived themselves of appropriate care. Western Medicine The present dogma of Western medicine […]

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Audio Interviews: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Cleansing for an Abundant Life

Jonathan Glass talks with Gwilda Wiyaka, The Science of Magic Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Cleansing for an Abundant Life Listen to “TSOM: Jonathan Glass – Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Cleansing for an Abundant Life” on Spreaker.   Jonathan Glass talks with Bob Salter, WFAN, CBS New York The Benefits of a Plant-based Diet […]

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Learn how to cultivate awareness of your soul powers

The Healing Essence Total Life Cleanse helps cultivate an awareness of our soul powers by eliminating the dietary, lifestyle, and mental/emotional obstacles that interfere. Because we are spirit soul, our position is anandamaya. Anandamaya means always blissful. Because we are part-and-parcel of God… God is blissful, all-good, sat-chit-ananda… Sat means eternal, chit means full of knowledge, […]

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Effective strategies to counter the negative effects of environmental toxins

Never in recorded history has the human body (especially the liver) had to break down and eliminate the amount of chemical, hormone, herbicide, pesticide, GMO, and heavy metal toxins that it does today. The last of the negative triad of disease is Poisoned. Yes, it’s bad news. However, there are effective strategies to offset these […]

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You might be starved: chronic inflammation and autoimmune reactivity

The result of modern-day starvation is that, while we may eat more calories than ever, we metabolize little, gain insufficient nutrition, store extra fat, and trigger states of chronic inflammation and autoimmune reactivity.  This week I’ll touch on the topic of modern-day starvation… one of the negative aspects of our modern condition. Total Life Cleanse […]

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